Is your invention a new idea?

Is your invention your own idea?

Does your invention satisfy the need or want that you identified?

Is your invention usable?

Will your invention work?

Is your idea clearly described by a neatly constructed and easy-to-read poster?

Do you have a complete journal or log that clearly describes every step you took in coming up with, researching, planning, drawing, building, and displaying your invention?

Does the drawing of your invention show:
• what your invention looks like?
• how it works?
• all the parts of your invention, with each part labeled?

Is your model or prototype:
• as well constructed as you can make it?
• a size that fits in the space allowed for in the convention rules?

Can you clearly describe the steps you used in thinking about and developing your invention?

Did people other than you only do work on your invention that was unsafe or too difficult for you to do?