Use poster board, heavy cardboard, wood, pegboard, particle board, cork board, or other suitably sturdy material.

Make the display board free-standing. You can do this by cutting and taping three pieces together, folding lighter-weight boards into thirds, or attaching some sort of reinforcement to the backs of heavier boards.

Make sure your display board fits easily into the space allowed (2ft x 2ft) and still allows plenty of room for your invention model or prototype.

Your display board can include:
•  the title of your invention
•  the purpose of your invention
•  a diagram of your invention with labels explaining its parts and how it works
•  photos of your invention

Other things you might decide to include are:
•  graphs, pictures, and magazine or newspaper clippings that relate to your invention
•  a jingle, song, or poem about your invention
•  results of any surveys and/or research you did involving your invention

Make sure your display is neatly arranged and lettered – press-on letters, stenciled letters, and computer signs work well.

Have fun with your display board -- let the artist in you show through!